Melancholic Halo

It’s that morning when you try to look up and all you can see in front of you is a white, naughty and stiff fog.

With lost trees and cold wind but still warm inside.

Nostalgia and euphoria bring those creeps right under your skin. The shady light composed by all the layers found in the air causes the appearances of some little colors changing, transforming the light into a microscopic halo.

This halo was everywhere a light source was detected. Examples: cars lights, street lights, headlights.

All around you could only see lots of microscopic halos, changing colors and directions looking like fireflies in the moon light.

Later on the fog disappeared or went up in the sky, because now you could see how the white sky was completed by the icy, smoky winter sun which had the most wonderful halo around its grace…

It was like you could almost see the Air on that day…

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