COSMO sleeveless Sweatshirt

COSMO sleeveless Sweatshirt

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A cosmo to the lady in pink. 

There is something sexy about cosmopolitan, maybe the glass, maybe vodka, maybe the drinker?

This is a sweatshirt without sleeves, made from the same fabric we use for our sweatshirts BUT without the fuzzy on the inside, therefore will give the impression that it's lighter, nevertheless it's not a t-shirt. It's oversized and comes with two large slits on both parts. It's longer on the back and has slightly puffy shoulders.

Each product is carefully and authentically handcrafted by a real person in Bucharest, Romania. Detachable print is handprinted in our studio, one color at a time, so please note that slightly differences might occur. We're putting our energy and effort in every piece and that is what makes it unique. Detachable prints come with safety pins and can be placed wherever you want. Use it on your favourite items, together or one by one, your choice only. 

Color and fabric: 

White -  80% cotton | 20% polyester

Care instructions: 

Machine wash. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. 

KIND REMINDER: do not use hot iron directly on the print. You can use a steamer or a piece of baking paper placed between the print and the iron. 

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