We recently started, on our Instagram stories ( you're following, right?) a new Styling series. ( Find it all under the Styling tips highlight). We want to show you different ways to style our pieces and we started with Fuck sweatshirt:


The first one is inspired from Rock'n roll concerts and makes the perfect outfit for summer festivals:



Cowboy boots ( we chose a modern interpretation of them, but the classics works just perfect), a bandana instead of a hair clip ( a mix of Aerosmith and boho style) and a pair of ripped short jeans. The perfect festival look. 


For the second outfit, we went back in the 90's.

Bike shorts. Small and geometric sun glasses and a pair of long boots. Change the long boots with a pair of ugly ( big) sneakers and here you are, the new Kid(s) on the block. 

What's your favourite? Send us a message on Instagram and let us know how would you style it.


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