Aer Wear is a Bucharest based lifestyle brand focusing on beautiful and clean cuts garments, art works and accessories. 

It was founded in 2012 by Dana Paun, who's obsessed with handwriting and the female body and who spends her time between our studio and producing fashionable videos for the local glossy industry. All of our prints & artworks are made by her.

We love making accessible art and easy to wear pieces, we love to handwrite everything that pass through our minds and yes, we do believe in stars and astrology. We are inspired by women bodies and we strongly believe that art makes la vita bella. 

Our aim is to create a complex lifestyle brand, a community that shares the same values, tastes and aesthetics from design and art to music, food and much more. 

We create everything locally, with the help of our carefully chosen partners and we're using mostly natural fabrics for our garments. Everything is hand made from scratch by real persons.