We've been waiting for so long to launch the custom made texts or drawings on our signature t-shirts service. 

To mark this, we are happy to invite you to a Creativity Contest:
Send us your design ( it can be a handwritten text, a doodle or a drawing, but keep it simple, max 2 colors) and we'll choose one to print it & to be on our permanent collection with your name on it ( designed by >insert your name here<). We will choose the design that will feel the closest to our brand identity & direction. 

You will receive one piece for you and one for someone special & you'll be featured on our "wall of fame" gallery.

You have time until March 20th to submit your ideas via DM. More ideas, more chances to win.
There are no age, sex, race or background limits. Just doodle something, keep it simple, and send it to us ❤️ ( yes, kids doodles are also welcomed).