For this episode of "Styling tips" we choose the Imagination Top, a cloth blouse that we love for its versatility and for its fabric, keeping you cold during the hot summer days and warm during the cold, rainy fall days. 


 A la campagne outfit.

For the love of straw, we choose to accessorise this outfit with a straw hat and a vintage straw mini bag. Pair it with shorts and flatforms to add some balance to the silhouette ( it would be boring with flats/ flip flops, common with sneakers and too much with boots),



Casual Friday look. 


Cigarette, over the ankle jeans, small heels for a boost of comfort & no accessories. We think it's classy, comfy and fun due to the usage of double denim (jeans & shoes). If you want to make it more fun, add a pair of colored high heeled shoes.  


Going out.

Layering is super powerful, so choose a silk shirt with a slit (it will help you move better & will not get chunky ). As silk & cloth goes hand in hand,  if you don't wear real silk, choose a silky fabric. Cuff your sleeves over, put on some weird, yet cool ballerinas & don't forget to put your hair in a bun. Also big hoops are always a good idea to finish a look like this. 



What do you think, how would you style it?


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