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How to wear a cloth top

For this episode of "Styling tips" we choose the Imagination Top, a cloth blouse that we love for its versatility and for its fabric, keeping you cold during the hot summer days and warm during the cold, rainy fall days.  1.  A la campagne outfit. For the love of straw, we choose to accessorise this outfit with a straw hat and a vintage straw mini bag. Pair it with shorts and flatforms to add some balance to the silhouette ( it would be boring with flats/ flip flops, common with sneakers and too much with boots),   2. Casual Friday look.    Cigarette, over the ankle jeans, small heels for a boost of comfort & no accessories. We think it's classy, comfy and fun due to the...

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How to wear THE TIME IS NOW pink sweatshirt

The time has come to do the styling for The Time is Now sweatshirt, and we also imagined ( like in the previous Styling tips episode) two outfits. You can find all our styling ideas under Styling tips highlight on our Instagram profile.  1. For the first one, we imagined a Ton sur ton outfit. We paired a pink dress with the pink of the sweatshirt and a wine red pair of long boots with the text written on the sweatshirt. If you're going for this outfit, always choose a long slit dress or skirt, show some skin, otherwise the outfit will look dull and you'll look bigger than you are.  2. For the second option, we imagined a casual sporty urban look. A medium silk...

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We're back!

When I first started this brand, in the fall of 2012, I had no idea it would change my life the way it did. I started it because "I wanted to make beautiful, clean-cut clothes" after more than a decade of working in the corporate field and one year of dabbling in photography. I wanted to start my own brand because I felt I had something to say. I knew nothing about the industry, the processes, the suppliers, the production, the fabrics.... Nothing! But I wanted to do it so much. And I did it. It was a long and sometimes really hard road ( and I will tell this story someday), but, fast forward, we are here today, starting...

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